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10 янв. 2019
Adventure games come in various formats as well as subcategories. Whether they’re mystery, escape, mining & digging, running, jumping, quest, or platform games, they definitely bring you a unique and amazing experience. Below we have listed some awesome games of this genre at Manti Games for you to explore. As one of the world-leading online gaming sites, Manti Games has constantly updated newest and best online games playable from your mobile browser or a web browser. 

1.    Doodle Jump

The platform game is fun and cute.

The platform game is fun and cute. Here, you’re required to help the cute doodle character jump as high as possible onto various hand-drawn platforms. As it is an endless game, just keep jumping and strive to score as high as possible! 

As the character jump automatically, you take control of their right and left movement. As you advance, you will notice different platforms. For example, after being touched, the brown platforms break. Some green platforms with springs on help boost you further! Be careful to notice the bugs. They will try to harm you! How far can you jump in the game?

The gameplay is fun and straightforward. Avoid being knocked out by shooting other rivals. There are power-ups along the way. 

Use the left and right arrow to move. Shoot by left-clicking.

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2.    Vex 3

Ready to complete all the stages in the game?

The game features ten standard stages as well as nine 'challenge' stages. Ready to complete them all? 

To move, use your arrow keys or WASD. Jump from side to side so that you can climb up walls. Stand on the act block and press the down arrow key to play new acts. Purple blocks aren’t strong enough. Avoid stepping on them; they will fall down. Orange blocks are bouncy. They are a great choice if you desire to jump high into the air! There are many checkpoints in the game; if you die, it’s possible for you to start from the latest one.

3.    Super Mario Run

Control the legendary Mario in this platform game.

It is one of the top games online free. Control the legendary Mario in this platform game. The castle of the princess is on fire, and you must escape! Overcome each level and pick up coins when you advance. You’re required to jump over obstacles, and stay away from the fire. Also, it’s possible for you to destroy some blocks to find additional coins. You can also find a variety of power-ups.

After completing each level and gathering the coins, you can buy new costumes for him to put on. There are various levels to complete. Different levels feature different obstacles. Are you confident enough to escape the fire and guide him through levels successfully?

The game uses fantastic graphics, and fun and challenging gameplay. 

For the game controls, jump by left-clicking. For a double jump, click twice. Float in the air by holding the left-click.



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